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  • At Automated Paycheck Services, you can rest assured - that your payroll needs will be taken care of by a company that has your best interest in mind...

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  • We get your payroll to you, quickly and on time...

    At APS we believe "Only if it's early, is it on time," - which is even more true with Payroll.

    So you'll never have to worry about whether your payroll checks will be at your office...And, by the way - quickness is our only standard.

  • We provide you with the personalized service that you deserve...

    At APS, one-on-one attention is what we give you - because you are valuable to us as a person.

    If you need to speak to us, we are here. If you need to ask us advice, we are available...

  • And if you need to come by our office to pick up your payroll, you can do that too, anytime...

    If you need to pick up your payroll, we are local - and you are always welcome.

    So please come visit us...anytime.

  • No more broken promises from Payroll Companies that promise personalized service but don't deliver...

    Many companies promise that they will give you personalized service, but a few months later you rarely hear from them again.

    At APS, we value you, as much as we value your business - and we are dedicated in supporting you, for all the help you need when it comes to payroll for your business.

  • No more being treated like a number, and not a person...

    Do you feel that because you have a small business, that your payroll company treats you like you are not as important as their bigger clients?

    At APS we believe that big or small you are important, and your business is important - and you should be given the attention, time, and help that you need to succeed in your small business.

  • No more being on hold for a long time, whenever you try to get urgent information from your Payroll company...

    If you need payroll information - you need it quickly!

    At APS we are available to provide you with the urgent information that you may need - as quickly as you need it. Because we know how important and urgent your Payroll needs can be.

  • At Automated Paycheck Services, We know what you want in a Payroll Company...

    And we are committed to giving it to you...

    Contact Us Today at (714) 696-7220, for a FREE Payroll Estimate

Since 1996, Automated Paycheck Services has been providing high quality payroll services to our customers, along with the personalized care that they desire.

Contact Us Now at (714) 696-7220 for a FREE Payroll Estimate.

Payroll for Small Businesses

  • Checks, direct deposits, & W-2's
  • Payroll tax deposits
  • Payroll tax filings
  • Workers compensation
  • Time and attendance
  • 401(k) and retirement plans


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