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Servicing Small Businesses in Southern California since 1994.


APS is a local payroll service located in Anaheim, California. APS was founded in 1994 by a team of two accountants, Elizabeth Bilinski, CPA and Peter Nellesen. Working in public accounting with small business owners, they understood the needs and challenges that small business owners faced daily.

They understood the importance of communication with the business’ accountant or bookkeeper in a language that they all could understand.

Working with hundreds of small businesses, we have yet to hear that owners are looking forward to processing payroll themselves. The payroll process is time consuming and can be a drag on business productivity. Many small business owners do not know what their payroll tax responsibilities are and find it frustrating to keep up with them. They also find it difficult to deal and comply with the various federal, state, and local tax authorities. It is often unproductive and time consuming to be an expert in it all, and yet you have got to know it all. Penalties associated with payroll taxes can be very expensive. When dealing with payroll tax liabilities, it’s not only what you know; but also know what you don’t know.

APS is supported by a team of attorneys, CPA’s, and an employee benefit specialists. When you call – we know you by your name and sometimes just by your voice. When you speak, we listen. You will receive the personal attention you need and deserve. We are just a phone call or email away.

Processing payroll is more than just writing checks and handing it to your employees. The information and records must be accurate, as do the calculation of taxes and other withholdings in effect at that time. As tax laws are always changing, we not only keep a vigilant eye on new tax and payroll laws, but also an eye on the subtle needs and changes of your business. As your business changes and grows, so does the need for services.

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