Automated Paycheck Services

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APS viagra tabs products and services are designed to make it easy for you to run your Small Business.


Here are just a few of our products and services:

Payroll processing and payroll tax filing.

  • APS guarantees and assumes responsibility for timely and accurate filings.
  • We also offer direct deposit services for employee pay and courier delivery by noon.

Tax Deposits and Compliance.

  • APS automatically calculates, files, deposits, and reconciles your payroll taxes with Federal, State, and Local authorities.
  • They will also handle any government correspondence and inquiries relating to payroll filings and taxes.

Payee Identification Numbers.

  • APS will help you fill out forms and obtain federal and state identification numbers.

Health Insurance & Retirement Plans.

  • APS has available a team of experts dealing with employee benefits such as retirement plans and health insurance. * Do you know if the plan you have or the plan you are considering is right for you? APS and their team of professionals can analyze choices, calculate your costs, and answer questions you will have so that you can make an educated decision. You will find out that once you see all your choices, it will be easy to make your decision based on your goals and objectives.

Pre-Tax Employee Contributions for Health Insurance.

  • APS will help you implement a pre-tax Section 125 Plan, which makes it possible for the employer and employee to reduce payroll and income taxes. APS will handle your health, dental, chiropractic insurance premium contributions on a pre-tax basis, thus reducing employee taxable wages and in effect letting the IRS pay for it.* Compare benefits you have now.
  • In addition, if you want to compare employee benefits you now have and find out what else is available; all you have to do is call us for a no obligation consultation or a quote.

Reducing Your Biggest Expense – Taxes.

  • We recognize that one of the biggest expenses of any business is taxes. This is why we are sensitive to helping businesses reduce these taxes using every legal strategy and proactively suggesting alternatives to reduce them.


And Remember… No Business is Too Small for APS

We specialize in catering to small to medium sized businesses whose needs may be unique.

We understand that it can get lonely at the top and that laws and rules are the same for large businesses as small businesses. While large businesses have a team of professionals, attorneys, accountants, bookkeepers, tax experts, employee benefits, etc. you are there by yourself.

But, even though you are on your own, you don’t have to be alone.  

APS has a team of professionals to help you get to your business to the next level.


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