Automated Paycheck Services

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APS will be there when you need us…

It’s 2:45pm on a Friday afternoon buy cialis tabs and you are terminating an employee but don’t know how much to issue the final check for because of taxes.  You are in a bind and we understand that.  APS will be there when you need us to accommodate any of your urgent payroll needs such as breakdowns for termination checks, questions about payroll taxes, or inquiries to employee benefits.  

Or let’s say it’s Friday morning and you forgot to report your payroll hours and your employees will be in within an hour to pick up their payroll checks.  APS offers alternative services to insure that you are handling your payroll obligations and won’t let your employees down.  We can either provide you with tax breakdowns so that you can issue your employees checks right away or we can rush your payroll processing so that you can receive your checks the same day (for a small additional fee).

Although our turn-around time is 24 hours, we are here to accommodate your most unexpected and urgent payroll needs.  APS will provide you the attention your business deserves and the professionalism you expect.

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